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These orthopaedic foal shoes are designed for conservative club foot therapy, enclosing both the front and lateral walls in a crescent shape to protect the toe of the hoof against excessive wear. It is possible to extend the toe with a club foot hoofshoe, either with the protruding toe section of model B (with parallel sole) or with the enlarged toe section of model BK (with a tapered sole and wedge-shaped extension of the toe). In this way, the glue-on club foot hoofshoes work in both a mechanical and orthopaedic sense according to the same principle of operation as various forms of traditional iron horseshoes used in club foot therapy (beaked, half-moon and bar shoes) and provide a superior alternative to nailing. 
The wedges included in the scope of supply are fastened under the shoe prior to gluing. This provides support for the heels, ensuring that the hoof slides far into the shoe and the adhesive surfaces have a perfect bond. In order to straighten the coffin joint gradually and gently, you can rasp off the wedges until the heels are suspended max. 1 cm. Important! Due to the rapid horn growth on a foal, the hoofshoe should not remain glued onto the hoof for longer than 3 weeks. 



Club Foot Shoe with tapered sole


Inner Measurements


50 mm


75 mm


90 mm


75 mm


90 mm







These hoofshoes for foals are supplied together with a rivetable steel trip for fitting

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